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My husband and I had a wonderful experience with Amber Pearson and would recommend her services for anyone with a newborn and/or planning to have a child. Amber is extremely professional and will quickly become a member of your family. She makes you feel incredibly comfortable as though you know what you're doing with your newborn, even when you feel you don't! Amber stayed with my 6 week old newborn son several nights a week while I would catch up on sleep. Being a first time mother with very litle sleep in general, I often felt overwhelmed and clueless when it came to parenting. Amber quickly picked up on this and would send me links to articles online that she felt would help settle my nerves over a particular worry, or books that she felt would help me understand what's happening with my baby and what's to come. She would make me healthy snacks to eat throughout the day when she knew I didn't have time to focus on what I was going to eat. She would send me texts of encouragement throughout the day as well that always brought a smile to my face. She loved and cared for my son as if he were her own, and I could tell he was so comfortable with her, it made me so relaxed to see.

We miss Amber and are so lucky to have had her help when we needed it. She is an amazing, honest and caring soul and incredibly loving. I would recommend her to anyone looking for support and help during such an incredible and overwhelming (but miraculous!) time of your life! 

-Beth R.

Posted 5/21/2019

I used Amber Brook Doula Services LLC for postpartum care. She came highly recommended by a close family friend so my husband and I met with her to learn more about doula services. Amber came into our home and I knew immediately that she would be a perfect fit for us! She was so incredibly warm and I felt like I’d known her for years. She was so helpful in the first few weeks of being home. She always ensured that I has time for self care. She made me breakfast, helped me get a better latch, walked me through baby wearing, helped me with my two year old son, did light housework, and brought me homemade lactation bites! She wasn’t just a second pair of hands, she was also a listening ear. If you are hesitant about enlisting a doula to help your family don’t be. Contact Amber and meet with her. Trust me when I say you and your family will be in excellent care with Amber.

-Benita P.

Posted 5/4/2019

We highly recommend Amber! My husband and I chose to use a doula to make sure he had support and to make sure labor went as smooth as it could. Amber was resourceful and attentive. She met with me several times prior to deliver to teach us maneuvers to help turn our baby and that would be helpful during labor. Although I ended up having a csection, Amber provided support for 23 hours of labor until that point. She has a calm and warming spirit that kept us as peace. She was available and willing to do whatever necessary. Post pregnancy she visited us in the hospital and at home to make sure all was well. Can't recommend her enough. 

-Brittany R.

Posted 10/31/2019

Amber has the biggest heart! I can't say enough great things about her and her love for her clients/their families. She was positive and encouraging and I would recommend her as a doula! She is now an extension of our growing family :) 

-Emily B.

Posted 1/17/2020

It's hard to put into words how grateful we are for Amber and her services. My husband keeps saying that it was well worth the investment (he had no idea what a doula was when I mentioned the idea to him and was hesitant at first, but learned quickly that she was such a needed part of our birth team!). We felt Amber was a great fit from the get go-we loved her genuine personality and nurturing spirit. My labor ended up being very long and Amber was there beside us for an entire 24 hours; my husband and I honestly look at each other today and question how we could have done that without having Amber there. She offered lots of tools to help ease the pain of labor and definitely made me feel empowered throughout the process. Giving birth is probably one of the most significant times in a womans ife, and I am so glad to have had Amber by our side through it. Not only was she our doula, but she was a cheerleader, guide, and a kind friend in the process. We would highly recommend Amber Brook Doula Services to anyone in the area who may be looking!

-Elisa H.

Posted 1/18/2020

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